Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This is us sleeping

It was Preston's last day at Mountain America and he deserved to smash something, so i made him a Victory Smash snowman with Mountain Dew cans as hands and eyeballs that he could smash with his car. It didn't last too long but it was worth it.
A Christmas Surprise...Preston's old work Clothes
Went Christmas Bowling with the Van Dykes. I'm sure if you can see this but the girl behind looks like she is prego but she's not it's just the guys knees.
That not my Mountain Dew
Van Dyke Christmas Party. Actually mom is taking this Picture cause she came to the party cause she roomed with Preston's Aunt in College so she knew a couple people there
Is that cute or what. Grandma and Grandpa Van Dyke on Santa's Lap.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Best Birthday EVER!
Winner of the Toilet Paper Wedding dress Contest.
I've never seen this side of Preston. it was a belly laugh.
We look pretty cute in White wouldn't you say.
He made sure he had a bigger chest than i did. He for sure was stuffing
Here we are at Nikki's Bridal Shower. Traditionally then men do not come to these, but in this case they wanted Preston to be there. It was so they could dress him up in a wedding gown.

Christmas Party at my BYU ward. P.S. we were way late cause my stupid Birth Control makes me all emotional. Ahgg i hate it.
It was pretty cold
Went down to temple Square with the Van Dykes and saw all the Pretty lights
We sure did go 80's Skating with my BYU ward but with out the 80's. I might have to say the Preston's real good on the wheels.
Here at Andrews eagle scout i was so blissfully in love and proud to show off my new fiance!
All the little ones.
A Little Big Thanks Giving Dinner at Bryce and Marica's. The turkey was the best. It was cooked Brazilian style
Mom had to sew most of the costumes and guess on Preston's size. He was taller and Skinner than she thought but it all work out.

Sam was especially excited about the lightsabors.
It was that time of year where the family gets together for our annual Christmas picture. This year was Star Wars. not really sure what that has to do with our family but it worked.
Found my Wedding dress on the 24 of Nov. It was the first one i tried on after getting a wedding dress bra(more padding)and i bought it like that! I was so excited that i could move my arms up and down.
That Sunday we had to tell our Mission President and Wife that we were engaged. The Cowleys were both so happy for us. Plus that is the couch that we really hit it off at their house
Finally Engaged: November 14, 2008

Here us at the Garden.
Me: waiting to be purposed to!!!!
The next thing you know, were getting engaged. I Knew it was coming that night when i got a phone call from my sister Danica telling me that Preston talked to dad that day. Plus Preston was being all different on the phone, It was so obvious, i totally knew he was going to purpose that night... i just didn't know when that night. To my surprise Preston with help of my family Plan this all out to make me think he was going to purpose in all these perfect places to purpose but not til way late when i wouldn't be expecting it. Well their plan worked.
I gave Preston some Tattoos:)
You guessed it or i did. Preston was my My Worst Nightmare or in other words everything that i hate that guys wear. My dad thought Preston was being him for Halloween. He had everything from Socks and Sandals, jean on jean to the Poocka shell necklace. Gross! It was a pretty clever. The best Part was we called my dad to tell him what Preston's costume was, he totally thought we were call to tell him that we were engaged after he found out that we weren't calling for that reason. He thought Preston's Costume was a hit, you know with the way dad dresses everything, it was pretty funny. Little did my dad know we were pretty serious and had picked out a ring that day.Oh and i was Audrey Hepburn
The Rommies ready to go Party downstairs for the Celebration of Pumpkins and ghost!

This would be a fellow class mate of mine in her three year old unicorn costume, ready to go hit the streets. We all the Love Emily

I found someone that doesn't enjoy the carving out of a pumpkins and i'll give you a clue...I'm sitting on the couch with him. We all had fun anyways.
Went with Preston to his best friends Brittany and Dallin's Wedding.

I don't know how this worked out so well but Everyone cheered me on for the Bouquet toss, and it worked. It was like everyone knew that Preston and I really like each other and they wanted us to get married or something. I actually tackle some girl to get this and started bleeding on my knee. i wasn't about to miss the opportunity.

Well Preston tired his hardest to catch that lacy guarder but wasn't as fistie enough but he got it afterwards anyways. We can see who's more serious about this relationship can't we.
I took Preston to Colorado for the girls weekend. We had tons of fun. Brooklyn missed her dad and Preston became the fill in, it was pretty cute. Mom made this amazing Dinner.

This was us probably watchin some Prision Break cause we are obsessed. and we had to watch it on the huge Blue HDX/High pulse to the Max Flat Screen that mom and dad bought.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mom asked if I wanted to invite Preston to a girls week in Colorado. I of course was excited.