Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween fun at the Van Dyke's and Peston's right side.
If you can't guess who... its Mike Wasowski from Monsters Inc.
Look at all of that talent!
Nate's, Evan's, Ours, Hilary's and Jeramy's. I think thats right?
This is our pump-kin Bob and our scary faces
The Manly Men
The Girly Women

Sunday, October 18, 2009

We had the best time a Jane Zisette and Drue Solomon's (Elder Solomon) Reception. I lived with the Zisette's as a greenie and Preston was Elder Solomon's Zone leader. so it was a little reunionfor the both of us. along with Caitlin Shepperd a convert that i taught forever and Lindsey Paxton a fellow Virginian that we both loved. it was truly magical.

Got hooked to another TV show, Grey's Anatomy:), Thanks the Afton Tolman.

Since they don't like me load up on hours at work i get to go bring Preston food during work. He is so good at what he does. just plain sexy.
Oh and i do have to mention that our washer was leaking and i totally fixed it all by myself. Like for reals i got some lesson from this guy at a store and went into surgery with the washer and now it is leak free.

P.S. I don't like my job very much.

General Conference Week!!! that also means mission reunion and bowling for us. This time we had a buddie of ours from Canada (Trevor Christensen)and four of his friend stay at our house. we stayed up pretty late and told funny stories and cutting hair. it was so enjoyable.

Got a new job at Elase Medical Spa. pretty exciting i get to do laser hair removal and fun stuff like that. You see we have the Erbium, Alexandrite and the Yag Lasers!
Family Barbecue at Bryce's. Got to see Carly's new baby boy. he was the cutest darnedest thing i ever did see. I also got to share with my cuzins all about waxing and the website that Preston made to help me get clients at

Our Cousin Shelbi had a fun birthday with Allred performing. We got everyone to get up and dance. I love being married to Preston and not have to worry about stupid guys.

Girlzilla in Colorado! The first we have ALL of us Barrand kids have been together in about five years. It lasted for about a 30 min.

So Preston back to good old School at UVU and still working full time at Thrive. He's still loving thrive, me on the other hand hates the commute up to South Jordan to work at Sport Clips so I'm on the prowl for a new job down here in orem.
Our first friends in our new place invited us over for some treats and games. We played a game called curses. Preston hated it but was such a good sport. In this game you pretty much have to do things that make you look stupid and he got the mot difficult ones. As you can tell by where his arms are placed.
We had the choice between two wards and this couple encouraged us to attend the family ward. so we went to both and i picked the other newlywed ward cause it had purple chairs. Preaton loves my logic thinking.
Our new Well Lit Four-Plex!!!

Goodbye Legends at River Oaks in Sandy!

Moving Day and our empty place
So we searched and searched for a new place down in Happy valley. I was soooo stressed to find the perfect place that was well lit. i spent hours looking at these dumps and calling off the hook. We started the bidding at $300 but we quickly doubled that when we saw the 300 dollar apartments. I stumbled on this apartment that i felt so good about but it was a little over our new price range. We talked down the owner and we bought it as soon as we could. It was this cute four- plex that didn't have blue carpet and well lit. It was perfect for us!!!!

Preston made realize something about myself. It that i am a Salesman dream. Earlier i paid for all the foreclosure homes in the utah valley. Crazy i know. Well the next thing on my list was a washer and dryer. the search was back on. i acutally enjoyed the thrill even though it stressed me out. I found the washer and dryer from a guy who owned a storage building. i trusted him that they worked. i cleaned them for about two hours and they whole entire time i was on hold to cancel the foreclosure deal. ha ha.
Before we moved we had to celebrate by going to lake Powell with the Bradshaws. What a blast and the perfect va-k. Preston looks great in Pink and i apparently look good in purple bruises. Preston elbowed when he was jumping back and forth between the tubes.
we had a fun time talking
oh i finally got up on something

Monday, September 14, 2009

Guess who was jammin' out in good old Sporty.Thats right it was me.oh and when i say jammin i really mean you have to move your whole entire body. i'm glad i was the only one in there. That thing was so hot and attracted little kids. Some good kids and some bad kids. I had one girl kiss me and one throw a rock at me. All i can say is i'm glad i did it!
SAdly we had to say goodbye to Megan:( but we we did get together for some of our favorite COsta vida. YUMMMY. I remembered when i worked there and gave really good discounts. To bad can't eat there for free anymore:( oh just so you know the child in my hands is Megan's and i parted my hair on the other side.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Preston and i have been married for 5 whole month!!! time has really gone by way faster then i thought. We have learned so much in this time and we are looking forward to the rest.

For the fourth of July we went on a intense hike/backpacking trip... for us with Mom and Dad in Vail Colorado. For preston and i it was or first road trip, so we came up with all the names for our kids. But we can't tell you any of them.

For this and many to come we also got some Killer back pack and that makes Preston get all gitty.

the hike in was the easy part

we were happy little campers too.

untill i pulled both legs and preston got altittude sickness. We didn't even make to the top...but we did get to munch on our very own trail mixes that we put together, so we were happy.
The Fire Works were amazing though up at Bear Creek.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Preston threatened me that he was going to throw me in this ice cold water. But we all know how i react to ice cold water:) so he did the right thing and gave me a piggy back ride. I was a happy hiker, plus we had chocolate chewy bars!
I totally got sap on Preston's shirt in this picture.
Just hiking at doughnut falls.