Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Girls night out: hair at the salon, del taco and  ice cream. While we were outside some guys attempted on picking us up by saying "you guys know were a trash can is, you guys are hot wanna make out" and after we responded with a "no" they threw their trash at us. It was so great.
I found my MTC teacher Sister Mitchell picking out a ring cause she is getting married. I remember when i wanted to know about her relationship while i was in the MTC. Now she doesn't have to worry about that anymore.
The opening show for Miley Cyrus with a sweet dance by 1500 girls and the Blue Man Group. Miley was pretty good for a 15 year old. It was the best fire work show as well, they even played Celine Dion for the finally
Good young pops and me. Happy Birthday Dad!
We went to a park close to Bryce and Marcia's and celebrated Dad's 46th Birthday. We put on a show also acting out all the things that remind us of Dad. It was way fun to be with family. 

The only thing i have to say is, who taught Sam this? and now Jensen thinks it's ok.
Look at that little Danica face. SOOOOO Cute!!!
Two of the cutest little nephews i have. Jensen and Sammers

You guessed it, i totally got to see, listen and get right behind The prophet of God President Thomas S. Monson. It was amazing, you could just feel the power!  

Fun fun it's a Collin Ray country concert. remember how our family was walking down the street and we were in that commercial and we LIED!!!! cause we had to say   "we love kick'n country" and nobody love country at all. except Danica and me oh and don't for get that it was a tongue twister for me and i could even say it... so I'm defiantly not a liar.

In serious meditation for shooting them orange things.
A group of us went shooting and i even hit some of those orange things. I figure out how to do it... you have to make sure you have the right eye closed and that i mean your left i closed. You know I'm just helping out all those that might have had the same kind of experience that i have.