Friday, October 28, 2011

My little trip to Colorado, pre Christmas

I'm pretty sure the whole point of this trip was to help mom with her book shelf in the piano room. Don't worry we tackle that and enjoyed the time together. We also had time to:
  • Go trunk or treating with the McDonalds and Baillio kids when it was super cold, at least their was some yummy potato soup at the chile cook off!
  • Enjoy Mom and Dad beautiful new home
  • Cry in relscosioty. Mainly because Celeste meet 3 families that
  • Get into a mid-evil show. (normally wouldn't go there, but really enjoyed the show)
  • Cough and Sneezed a lot
  • Shop at Ikea
  • Organize the pantry
  • Help nauseated Danica with her house
  • Look at a possible house for the McDonalds
  • Nap
  • Cry again because I take things personally
  • Play with some of my favorite nieces and nephews
  • Watch The adjustment Bureo thinking that no one had see the movie but everyone had
  • Sleep in
  • Drive in Mom's Crazy car
  • Wrestle with the kids at the park
  • Watch Hunter have a temper tantrum
  • Catch up with my favorite sisters
  • Cut hair
  • Watch Hunter and Brooklyn in a make-up store
  • Talk about babies
  • Go to the Mall
  • Hang out and Love my family!