Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Every Fifth sunday President and Sister Cowley have a little get together with all the missionaries at their home. I had hope but did not realize that i would start a relationship with my future husband. Boy did Elder Preston Van Dyke look good. I  had wanted for him to ask me out for awhile and he hadn't so i knew i had to make  an effort. We had a fun conversation about 24 and prison break and that totally got us hooked.  I was smitten after that night, I could keep him off my mind. 
It's a wedding!!! Here i'm with two previous roommates (Grace & Afton) and the bride (Carissa's) is somewhere else
I told you that sister Larsen and i always show up to the same things. It's Jessica Lono and she's Married!!!!! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I just Love my Family

Treasure hunt for Sammer the Birthday boy. What he doesn't know is mom found the Jackpot at Party Land with the entire store half off. I'm not saying mom is a pirate.

We all had so much fun! 
i just had to prove to you that grandma wanted to gets some good pictures of us horse back riding.

It's the first timer's salute, you wouldn't understand.
Apparently I said something funny cause mom is laughing again.

Us girls just waiting around for the men to be ready to leave, JK it was strickly a girl horse back riding trip. 
I know Katie didn't even believe that i found the screw, but i did.
Jen admiring the beauty of this fine quilted quilt. The only reason i have this picture in here is one of my former roommates Heidi who i love and adore had a friends who let us stay at their home while we were homeless for awhile and all Heidi and i did was Watch 24. We were pretty much obsessed! But this may be considered one cute quilt. 
We all could be considered some form of Asian? 
Sister Jen Larsen and I always seem to end up at the same events, crazy i know. Here we were at Jessica Lono's (member from WV) Bridal shower. We made some beautiful toilet paper wedding dresses for show. Jen's was more of the 80's scandalous, headband kind and the one i made was more of a flowy modest dress. After this event i thought deep and hard about designing wedding dresses... but it didn't last too long.

Had lunch at Fazolis with the Ansteds which was a family from my last area. They are a great family who were all about missionary work! Their son Ben was headed out on his mission to serve here in Salt Lake.