Monday, June 1, 2009

Preston threatened me that he was going to throw me in this ice cold water. But we all know how i react to ice cold water:) so he did the right thing and gave me a piggy back ride. I was a happy hiker, plus we had chocolate chewy bars!
I totally got sap on Preston's shirt in this picture.
Just hiking at doughnut falls.
Here is our First meal on our brand new painted table. It was a lot harder then i thought.
On Memorial Day we went out and bought all the stuff to sand and paint, we did it all and the next day i came back and put a top coat on. it didn't really look all that good. We learned that you don't do it with a roller!!! I kept thinking about how i just wasn't proud of the paint job and that i would be embarrassed for some one to eat on it. We kept justifying that we could put place mats on it to cover up the paint bubbles but i was losing sleep over this. With Preston not knowing i re sanded the whole thing and painted it by hand i was appeased with the result and so was Preston. Now we are proud owners of our new table that we bargained down and painted.
Ok everyone remember the old table which we happened to sell.
me being picky
These are some mighty fine boots
Just painting away

Got our paint clothes ready to sand and paint our new table.
While i was shakin this paint can up i happened to fold up in the chair, from all the shaking, i bet i couldn't do it again if i tried so i'm really glad Preston got a picture of it.
Preston makin his own special cookie recipe!
Hopefully our new Condo!!!!:)
Our apartments now.