Friday, May 27, 2011

Gallstone surgery

For the past 5 years doctors have mistaken my gallstone for heartburn. I've tried and paid for all types of medication and nothing did the trick. I always thought it was funny that when I laid down it felt better. Finally a nurse figured it out. Got an ultra sound(wasn't to found of my experiences with those machine but it was ok this time). I joked with her to give me a real ultra sound but she couldn't. A week later we found out we were pregnant but miscarried while boarding the cruise:(. I cried but this misscargie was as hard as the first. On a positive note the baby would have been born on jan 1st which i woulnt was a baby born then and I got to get rid of this pain in my abdomin. As soon as it was ok to go with the surgery I got really scared but Danica said it was so worth it and she would do it all over again. I was worried about the horror stories I'd hear about diearreha but Dan made me get over that. So I went with surgery. It wasn't bad at all, I just couldn't leave until I pee'd enough which never happened so I had to get a catheter, which sucked.recovery also took a little longer tan I expected but the time off was nice.

Best part was the doctor took my request of letting me see the stones. I got a picture as my parting gift:)

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Roatan Honduras

This place was beautiful. Preston wants to live here not to mention make millions and live here. I think it would be fun but way to humid

We had Chicken Strips here at this beach side restaurant. We also were helped by a tall, tall, tall native that rubbed vinegar all over our jelly fish stings. He had the biggest monterous hands I have ever seen.
This water was so blue. Went snokeling with jelly fish, not that fun when they are see-through, and they come up behind you and sting you. I lost the mouth piece, hope the jelly fish get stuck and die in that.

I was rockin out with these fine men and I was totally on beat and knew the whole song.
Had a lovely time watching Abu (Our waiter) Shaking his thing during dinner.

Grand Cayman Island

Last Excursion. Went to the sand bar where we swam sting rays and snorkeled in the coral reef.