Sunday, March 27, 2011

Color Festival

This was a blast we started with a bus ride over to the temple. The high school kids were crazy singing buda buda buda. The people that were on the way home and were already colored were throwing in the colored chalk in the windows of the bus so we didn't avoid the color like we thought we would.

So much fun watching everyone throw the colors on everyone else.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

For Preston's 24th Birthday I took him Snowboarding. It was a surprise until he found the snowboard pants stuffed underneath his passenger side seat. Oh well he had a thrilling time. For me I stucked it up. Of course Preston tried to teach me more advanced then I would have like and I fell a whole bunch. With an hour left I decided to stay back in the lodge and Preston realized again that I am in fact a girly girl.

Happy Anniversary.....3weeks ago. We went to Little America Hotel, it was a blast. The only problem was trying to get into the hotel. It took about 15 to figure these old keys out.

Top Memories in the last 2 years:
  • HoneyMoon
  • HouSe HuntIng
  • BuyiNg our hOuse
  • waXing PresTon's nosE
  • bUyinG our FirSt waSher & DyEr
  • shopPing for oUr New hoMe FUrniTure
  • laKe POweLl
  • beiNg wArd miSsioNaries in All tHree warDs
  • 1st annIversAry
  • 2 ganGsteR fIghtS oUt siDe ouT aPartMent
  • rOad trIp to buYing ouR t.V.
  • faMiLy diNners
  • Lion kIngT.v. shoWs
  • prIson breAk
  • fRiday Night daTes
  • watcHing oUr housE beiNg bUilt
  • queSadilLas
  • aQuaRium
  • dieT coKe aDdictIon
  • sNeakIng iNto trOn 3d