Monday, May 12, 2008

Sister Campbell from Washington came down to Salt lake and then down to provo and gave me a sneak peek of her wedding dress. Which i would have to tell you, is beautiful. It was good to see each other even if it was just a few minutes. We got to reminisce in the good old times back a year ago when we served together in Radford Virginia. I'm really happy for her and she looks amazing , still has the same wonderful spirit that she carried as a missionary.

Later at work:i had an old man fall asleep on me,
I told a blind kid to look up for me
and one girl told me to "stop it" while i was hair spraying her hair,so i did but she wasn't telling me to stop she was saying it to herself cause she looked so good.

Work is good at Regis i'm liking it a lot, just got to figure out how to close cause the lady that showed me was in turbo mode and wrote all these numbers, pressed a lot of buttons and said "there that's how you close."

It's different being home, but i sure do love Family.

nieces and nephew's... it's hard to get them all together

ok the only reason i put this nice one in here is cause of Sammy's face. He is the little one on the far right. he he so funny.
My nephew Lucas's blessing