Sunday, August 22, 2010


We had so much fun walking around main street up in Park City. we went into this 3 million dollar home. We pretty much wanted it!
We went into all the little stores and i tried on the clothes and glasses and Preston talked to all the owners about business. Ha Ha i love that Man!!!

Engagment, Games, Water Park, Family... Great Times

Splash Park with the Fam
Donny Boy made a proposal to the lovely Leslie

Game Time

BBQ for Leslie's Birthday, with bunless brats and yummy pasta salad.

Bee's Game with Elase Medical Spa. Karen apparently know how to pick her nose.

Baby Cooper is here! Hilary and Jeremy 2nd little Boy:)

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Our Front Room. we still need blinds
Our unfinished backyard... but free rocks that i brought in and use them as decoration for the house
Preston working at the kitchen table
Our Kitchen
half bathroom
Our Front doorway
Guest Bathroom
Second bedroom for random stuff. ha ha
our sideways linen closet
Upstairs laundry:)
Master Bathroom
Our Walkin Closet
Master Bathroom
Last but not least our Bedroom
Hope this gives you a good ideal of why we took on thousands of dollars of debt

Never throwing another get together AGAIN!!! no one ever shows up!!!!BUT... in both situation they work out for the better. One example of me my attempt was a bridal show for Jen. One person showed up. ha ha but we had a gay old time. This is Jen with all the bubble gum in her mouth because she didn't know her fiance as well as she thought she did.
So this is who i work with at Elase Medical Spa. This picture was at the Women's show, where you can find everything for a women. These are pretty fun we you don't have to work, but it was enjoyable none the less. I got to break away and check out the other booths. I ended up buying a loaf of cheesy bread and worked out for an hour in 5 min by standing on this machine that shakes you really hard:) pretty cool, i want one but they are like 1,500 dollars.