Monday, April 5, 2010

Once Upon A Mormon....

You know you are Mormon when...

You answer the phone at work "Dear Heavenly Father."

No Joke.

The Late Sealing Entrance....a must read.

So we were headed to Lindsay Paxton's Wedding (a girl that both Preston and I served around) and we were running really behind. Once we got there and were right outside of the temple I realized I didn't have my recommend. OH NO!! So we called three people before we got our bishop's number. Once we called him it was 2 min before 11:00 and the sealing started at 11:00. So I ran in all in a rush to try and get in while Preston parked. As soon as I got in (as you always do) I had to whisper and explain the huge rush I was in. And no matter how cute those old men are I felt like they were not listening. It seemed like an eternity (I guess it could have been, we were in the Temple after all) before the workers understood what was going on. The workers never got the message from our bishop so we were just waiting and a couple of minutes later they thought to check their messages again. So we quickly moved along, they didn't even check Preston's recommend and we walked in ten minutes late to the sealing...really embarrassing!!! Never again. We honestly had no idea. You would think workers wouldn't allow you in after they started but no....they paraded us right in there before we knew what we were getting ourselves into. A room full of faces thinking...what the?? Did they really just walk in late to a sealing??