Monday, July 20, 2009

Preston and i have been married for 5 whole month!!! time has really gone by way faster then i thought. We have learned so much in this time and we are looking forward to the rest.

For the fourth of July we went on a intense hike/backpacking trip... for us with Mom and Dad in Vail Colorado. For preston and i it was or first road trip, so we came up with all the names for our kids. But we can't tell you any of them.

For this and many to come we also got some Killer back pack and that makes Preston get all gitty.

the hike in was the easy part

we were happy little campers too.

untill i pulled both legs and preston got altittude sickness. We didn't even make to the top...but we did get to munch on our very own trail mixes that we put together, so we were happy.
The Fire Works were amazing though up at Bear Creek.